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When Science Speaks

Apr 23, 2021

In Dr. Kahnweiler's second appearance on the show, the "Champion of Introverts" discusses her new book, "Creating Introvert-Friendly Workplaces", and a range of related topics, including: 

- The benefits and risks for introverts of remote work and how to avoid “Creative Paralysis”

- Finding the right balance of connection and downtime for introverts, who tend to need time alone to recharge, and the role of co-working spaces as a way to strike that balance

- How the “Introvert Revolution”, as Dr. Kahnweiler calls it, has shaped attitudes of employers over time with respect to introverts

- Should introverts mention that personality trait during a job interview with a potential employer?

- How and whether extroverts should strive to also tap into characteristics of introverts - to be an ambivert, as she mentions in your book ?

- How Dr. Kahnweiler sees the environment for introverts post-pandemic, in terms of the prevalence of introvert-friendly polices, more commonly accepted communication channels, and related issues