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When Science Speaks

Mar 30, 2020

In this first episode of a new series on COVID-19 launched as part of the "When Science Speaks" podcast (, I interview
Ali is both an expert in infectious diseases and a former high-level policy advisor in the U.S. Senate and United Nations. ​
Episode highlights: ​
FAS has created an "Ask a Scientist" project, a collaboration with The Governance Lab and National Science Policy Network, to build a database where visitors can get their answers on coronavirus answered by a group of scientists.
Scientists, medical personnel, and other qualified professionals who want to join the international corps of responders answering these questions can email . Interested in the new series?
Focused on these highly unusual times, the series will include information and narratives about COVID-19 and also extend beyond just strictly coronavirus topics, understanding we all need breaks from daily data about the virus.